Ryan Sowards

Ryan graduated from Bothell High School where he was first team All-State and Honorable Mention All-American in Basketball, leading the state in scoring with a 29 point a game average. He took a full basketball scholarship offer to Seattle Pacific University and later transferred to Walla Walla CC to play baseball. After leading the league in hitting, Ryan was drafted as a shortstop in the 36th round. In his three years of pro-ball he played every position from pitcher to catcher. The organization decided to make him a knuckleball pitcher in his last year and he started working with Charlie Hough in the California State League. Although Charlie was an amazing legend to work with and a great mentor, baseball, to Ryan, was HITTING!!! So he made the hard decision to leave baseball and go back to Seattle Pacific University where he resumed playing basketball to finish his education. Ryan is a believer in playing as many sports as you possibly can, they ALL give you skills used in the others.

3 Years Professional Experience

• Drafted as a shortstop

• Played third base, second base, first base, right field, left field, catcher and pitcher

• 1995 Florida State League Player of the Week

• Coached by Tommy Lasorda, Mike Scioscia (Angels’ manager), Ron Roenicke (former

Brewers’ manager)